Sex dolls FAQ

Sex doll don't ruin your vagina or the sensitivity you feel from tongue or finger stimulation. In the worst case, do not use your sex toy for a few days before not using a sex toy for maximum sensitivity. However, in all the years of using sex dolls on a daily basis, I have never found my clitoris to be less sensitive to my nudity touch.
Absolutely not! My boyfriend loves when we use sex dolls. If I've been keeping my mini sex doll secret or if I've only been using them and not involving him then he might have a problem, but if we're both involved, having regular sex and both enjoying it, then there's absolutely no problem from either of us us when the other uses sex doll.
Luckily my boyfriend is incredibly open minded and loves using realistic sex doll like me, but if he wasn't I would just talk to him and ask him if he would be willing to try something and calmly introduce the idea and let him know let what it would do to me. No matter what, when you start using a sex toy slowly and with lots of lube.
Check the packaging instructions, but I usually clean my love dolls in warm, unscented, soapy water or with sex toy cleaning wipes. Just make sure whatever you use is safely related to your life size sex doll as it can affect their performance.
If you shop from the same store as me, they all come in a plain brown box with just your address. It will show up as non-descriptive on your statement, as will the return label. This shop is very discreet with shipping and ensures your privacy and discretion are our top priority.
I like to keep my sex toys in a locked storage box or in a bag in my closet. Hiding sex dolls in places where no one would look is key. You can also hide your mini sex doll in a shoe box, under your bed, in a boring drawer in your house and under a pile of clothes. Just get creative if you have roommates or family members!
We pride ourselves on making the most realistic sex doll "that look and feel just like the real thing". Your love doll will look exactly like the model you choose because the same mold is used. Your doll will also have the same measurements as stated in the product description. We understand your expectations and our experienced sculptors will sculpt your persona like one in the product photo. The perfect skeletal structure for an anatomically correct figure is designed and implemented by experienced articulated engineers. Self-heating and touch sound technology is embedded with the utmost care and quality checking before preparing the doll for shipment. We care about our customers' satisfaction and there is a quality control department to ensure each love doll meets our high quality standard. Rest assured, each doll is made from premium hypoallergenic TPE material that is clinically tested and subjected to rigorous scrutiny from mixing, molding and throughout the design process.
Our makeup artists excel at adding shine and beauty to each product to resemble a real personality. Not only do they use the right color combinations to create the perfect killer look, but they also design their hairstyle. However, they are free to change their looks with water-based cosmetics that won't permanently stain their delicate skin. Oil-based cosmetics contain chemicals that can damage the TPE texture. So be careful! You can use alcohol-free perfumes to enhance your experience. Do not use hot irons or sharp tools such as razors. Pamper her like you do your real girlfriend!
All life size realistic sex doll on the market are made of TPE and silicone. Lovelovedolls has both here.
no We examine all sex doll before we sell them in our store. All sex dolls that you see here receive all necessary certificates, reports, FDA and prove that they are safe for use.
TPE cheap sex dolls are solid dolls and are rightly called silicone women and artificial women. TPE material gives the best feeling of human skin. The human-like skin is differently textured and handcrafted with many details down to the realistic fold of the sexy vagina and the tight anal opening. No inflatable boats, but solid erotic models with enhanced AI features like heat and sound technology.
TPE realistic sex doll are very soft and elastic. Therefore, avoid tight-fitting clothes that can tear the skin. Some dark fabrics can pollute the skin. So be careful. Please wash their clothes to ensure there are no stains.
After the game you also want to clean them for your hygiene. Remember that TPE is more porous than silicone. If you don't want to spend time and effort on her cleaning session, it's better to use a condom. Despite this, the cleaning process is super easy and only takes a few minutes. Use the vaginal cleaner that comes with the sex dolls to wash their openings. Use a mild antibacterial liquid soap and warm water to rinse thoroughly and a tampon to dry things up. Avoid using alcoholic and acidic solutions to clean the sex doll. Then apply some baby powder into the love tunnels to absorb all the moisture. Not only will this sanitize, but it will leave them squeaky clean for your next adventure. When you bathe the sex doll, please remember to wash her body and never put her head in water, it would destroy her circulatory system. Her neck should be above the water when she is in the bath.
Like any other product, the sex doll does not decay because the TPE composition does not change over time and there is no aging factor like real women. At the end of the day, her life depends on how you treat your love doll. The TPE doll can withstand 300 pounds of pressure and is very durable and can last more than 5 years. Do not leave the doll in the sun for a long time because TPE, like real human skin, is not resistant to UV rays.
You should avoid stretching the life size sex doll into extreme positions or putting extra stress on their joints. The dolls should not be placed in the same position for long periods of time. The best position to store the doll is using the hanging hooks. Never leave the doll in the sun for a long time, and do not hold heavy objects on her body or cover her with newspaper, as the ink may stain her skin. Never drop them or use sharp objects. Take care of your synthetic partner like you would your girlfriend.
Yes. Absolutely. TPE material is clinically tested for safety and widely used in medical industry as implant and stent. TPE is imported from the best manufacturer and the whole process from heating to forming is controlled and monitored using an automated quality control system.