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Sex dolls are more realistic than inflatable dolls

As the most advanced, intelligent, and inventive animal on earth, humans are changing nature and inventing all sorts of new things. Since ancient times, mankind has invented and made tools, made houses and vehicles. These things are human masterpieces. Nowadays humans are more and more invented and they started to build robots very similar to them, but in addition there are also many brain-opening products. Sex dolls are one of them.


As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has kept more and more traditional concepts, but with the development of economic globalization, the civilization has become more and more colorful. In the past, the Chinese knew very little about sex education and even considered it a shameful job and kept silent everywhere. However, under the influence of Western civilization, the Chinese are more and more able to endure sex knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of sex. There are more and more products in this field and silicone sex doll are one of them.

tpe sex doll

Real dolls are precision works of art

Compared with inflatable dolls, sex dolls are more expressive. Although it is a doll, it is actually based on the beautiful girl's body structure and surface. In the production workshop, one does not dare to imagine how beautiful and charming the TPE dolls thus made are. Each body part of the doll is made separately, and the body parts such as arms, head, legs and feet are made and assembled separately. In addition, these dolls need to be bathed, made up, manicured, and styled. They have high standards of skin color, makeup, and hairstyle. Most dolls need to conform to the aesthetics of the crowd.

All details must be the best, if workers are not careful they can become "dead". In the eyes of the production staff, every doll is their hard work and lives. Although the manufacturing process is messy, the products are very good, very vivid, and they are all beautiful dolls. This may be why these dolls can sell for thousands of dollars!

Sex dolls are emotional partners

In fact, this love doll can not only satisfy people's physical needs, but also serve as an emotional partner to accompany you when you are alone. If you have money, you can also buy it as a mannequin and put it in front of your own shop. Maybe it will attract a lot of customers. With the increasing demand of people for sex and gender imbalance, the demand for sex dolls in the market is increasing. Although the price is higher, many people are willing to pay for it. So do you dare to buy such a sex doll?

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