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Sex dolls can solve the sex addiction perfectly

In fact, most of the harm done by sex addicts comes from themselves and disrupts their life and mental state as mentioned above. However, sex addicts do not necessarily become sex offenders. Not all sex offenders are sex addicts, but sex addicts are more likely to become sex offenders.

Many sex addicts have more sexual partners, which some people call "debauchery." Personally, I disagree with the word "debauchery" because "debauchery" itself is a derogatory term and a strong emotional label. When discussing it from an academic perspective, it is more appropriate to call it "multiple sex partners" and "multiple sex partners".

Because they cannot control their sexual behavior, they sometimes don't care if their partner is single or married. From the moral perspective of modern society, this is a very complicated behavior and relationship. Many customers have bought more than one love doll for this reason.
However, this is not a trait of "sex addicts" like many "non-sex addicts" do.

life size sex doll

Also, it should be clear that being sexually active does not constitute a "sexual impulse control disorder." As long as you don't compromise your work life, your emotions, and society, it doesn't matter how active your sexual behavior is.
Finally, since there is no clear psychiatric or psychological definition of a sex addict, it is important not to view one's own sexual activity or the sexual activity of others as a sex addict.
How to use love doll to deal with sex addiction

The famous German sexologist Irving Herb used a wonderful passage in his article "Inadequate Terms in Sexology" to clarify:
Sex addiction, similar to "drug addiction", is often used to describe excessive attention to sexual behavior, hence it is called addiction. But this language gimmick seems too early. Because it wants to measure many things with a ruler; similarly, it also prevents people from having insight into various sexual behaviors and motivations such as habitual behaviors, compulsive behaviors, non-compliant behaviors, stupid behaviors, intentional behaviors, self-harm behaviors, reckless and aggressive behaviors. Behavior etc. cannot be explained in one word. Even people with fewer sexual needs may label some of their most vigorous sexual behaviors as "sex addiction" because of jealousy.

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