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Why do many people buy multiple sex dolls?

At this point, the "thing" of the computer sounded. It was an email from Mike that said, "This Christmas I won't be alone." Mike is my first client, he's German, introverted and a typical otaku.

A few months ago I knew nothing about this industry. 80% of the dolls in the factory are sold abroad. To satisfy customers' moments, I often stay in the office until midnight. The three-month trial period is over and I still haven't received anything. Does anyone really buy this? On the last day of the probationary period I was in a bad mood and was alone in front of the computer at 11 o'clock in the evening. Then I saw a customer message on "Facebook": "I'm in Germany, can real sex dolls be delivered?" At the time, I was close to tears, and I quickly replied: "No problem, many of our customers from Germany." I received an answer within a minute: "I want a European and an American doll."
I immediately sent him a purchase link and he paid for the order straight away. The price of this doll is $499 and we provide free shipping. I can't believe it so I put it as my first order.

Japanese sex doll

Every day since then, Mike has asked me, "Will my sex doll arrive today?"
I sent him a screenshot with logistics information and he replied with tears on his face. Mike received the doll two weeks later. He said that there is a sofa for dolls in the bedroom. Before Christmas he bought another one.
Since then, Mike has emailed me almost every day about his love doll. He wore all kinds of fashionable and beautiful clothes for the two dolls and sent them to me every time they changed their dolls.
He and I slowly got to know each other. Mike has a communication phobia and is afraid to talk to people. Only in the online world can he feel comfortable, but he also strives to communicate with people and have real friends. Two dolls are his first step.

Suddenly I remembered that it was Christmas in two days. Click Mike's email. Both dolls in the photo are wearing festive costumes. Mike sat in the middle with a small smile on his face. The photo he previously posted was just a doll. This is the first time he appears in the photo.
I breathed a sigh of relief and grinned at the screen for a long time.

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