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About Sex Dolls:

What is a love dolls?

Sex dolls are solid reproductions of the female body lines. This is a female body. Most importantly, it is firm and feels good on the skin. Our sex doll are lifelike sex dolls, some of which are filled with silicone, TPE and other materials on the skeleton. At this point, it feels more comfortable to hold than a real woman. Sex doll reproduce the real female body lines, so it looks like the whole body is very valuable, but in fact only the upper body is sold, and many of them are semi-finished products, such as sex doll torso. Anyway, the shape and expression are too real. From a distance it looks like the quality of a real beautiful girl.

Who invented sex doll?

In 1940, German victories on various battlefields forced the surrender of France. But when many German troops stepped into the colorful world of Paris, France, they were depressed for a long time and began to vent their sexual desires everywhere. As a result, many German soldiers contracted STDs. Upon seeing this, Himmler, the boss of the Nazi SS, wrote to Hitler, reminding him that Germans had casual sex with French women and that their health problems were getting worse. The biggest threat to our army is the widespread prostitutes who carry various venereal diseases. We have a responsibility to prevent soldiers from endangering their health so we can continue to do so.

Sex dolls are not just for sex, but also for love.

In addition to sexual pleasure, real sex dolls have certain health benefits. For example, sex dolls can help relieve or treat loneliness, stress, and anxiety. There have been many reports of significant improvements in people's health in the presence of life-size dolls. The so-called "bon, kyu, bon" body type has the life-size body that men want in this category, with full breasts, a cinched waist, and legs that extend from the hips. Don't miss the ideal robot sex doll, with a good figure from C to D cups, no sagging breasts, and a weight of about 30 kilograms, which makes men feel like they "sexing a doll"! We offers high quality best sex dolls at affordable prices. Bringing her home best suits your needs. Real life sex doll are beautiful, pure but erotic. And there is also a party as the subject. Different expressions are born in the sex doll turned into an image. For silicone sex doll lovers, sex dolls are an expression of imagination, dreams and hopes.

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The perfect real doll according to your wishes

Only you alone know what your new dream woman should look like. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to design your new love doll exactly according to your ideas. The configurator in our real sex dolls shop page you step by step through all variants of your lifelike LoveDoll.

In a first step, you decide on the proportions and size of your tpe sex doll. Remember: the bigger your new lifelike sex doll is, the more it will weigh. So if you prefer easy handling, opt for a small love doll.

How to design lifelike sex dolls?

Do you know what's best? With your new lover, you alone decide what cup size she will have. Do you want a real life sex doll with big breasts or do you prefer a love doll with small breasts? Maybe your bottom turns you on more than a woman's breasts? Then just choose a love doll model with a big bottom.

As in real life, there are our lifelike sex dolls with different hair colors and hairstyles, you can design their nails and also determine whether your love doll is shaved in the intimate area, or you prefer a real sex doll with intimate hair. By the way, you can be sure that the intimate area is also particularly realistic and your love doll will delight you!

The tpe sex doll material - a brief overview

The majority of our love dolls are made of high-quality TPE. The thermoplastic elastomer is a good alternative to silicone and is significantly cheaper because, among other things, it is easier to process. TPE sex dolls come almost exclusively from Asia. Here they have specialized in the processing of TPE and there are various manufacturers (WM-Dolls, As-Doll, etc.) who have many years of experience and whose TPE dolls are very popular with our customers. If you are looking for a love doll made of silicone, please switch to our silicone dolls.

Best Sex Doll Lifelike Sexy Love Dolls-The Best Listening Companion

Are you missing someone or feeling lost? Do you want someone to talk to, someone to laugh about, someone to share your life with? You are in the right place! Lovelovedolls is the best sexdolls online shop that sells the most popular and realistic luxury sexy dolls for sale. Incredibly realistic perfect sex doll, the most unique adult gift. Free Fast Shipping Worldwide. Comprehensive confidentiality service for customer information. Offers order tracking and doesn't actually include any information on the box. Please rest assured to buy silicone lover doll online!

All our luxury lover dolls are CE, ROHS, MSDS certified and safe for human skin. We do a lot of research and development related to sex dolls. They have amazing analog designs that make them more attractive and sexy, allowing you to have an unforgettable and beautiful sexual experience.

- We offer a purchase guarantee. If your order is wrong or our product is defective, we will provide free compensation to assist you in repairing or replacing your doll love doll. If you are not satisfied, we will solve it for you. This is our professional guarantee to you.

- All of our life size love dolls undergo thorough sex doll testing before leaving our warehouse. The system will provide you with the tracking information and code for your order. All duties and taxes are covered by us, so you don't have to worry about it.

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