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167cm/5.47ft-Sex Doll

Everyone is a model type beauty love doll, you can do such a naughty pose, you can enjoy pseudo etch in your favorite position such as riding position and back. It is also a big point that there are abundant free options such as hairstyle and chestnut color! Since the range of motion of the joints is wide, advanced poses such as hurray and wide crotch opening can be realized. Because he is tall, he has an overwhelming presence just by standing. It is a love doll that will surely satisfy those who value the volume of the female body, and it will give an impression full of vitality with its rich expression and countless joints. It's a slender model, so you can wear any clothes. In fact, sex with love dolls has a training effect that increases endurance until ejaculation. For women who are dissatisfied with the short time it takes for men to ejaculate among couples, we recommend that you have a love doll if you understand that sex training with love dolls is effective for improving endurance. Sex with love dolls not only improves your endurance, but you can also expect new discoveries and quests for sex, so you can expect your sex play to improve even more than usual. Until now, it was recognized that there was no room for love dolls between couples, but many such cases have become known, and I think that even couples have deepened their understanding of having love dolls.