TPE Sex Dolls, This series of products, enjoy a discount of $100 when you spend $800 or more!

161cm/5.28ft-Sex Doll

At this height, you're getting closer to the height of a real woman! There are various types of this height, and every girl is so cute that I'm really worried! Big breasts with a loli-like face, a blonde gal with a dark and tanned body, a neat beauty, a club sister style, a girl with a Japanese style face and a fragile atmosphere, all the girls are very cute. !! You can customize everything from hairstyle to eye color, skin color, nipple and pubic color for free. And with a paid option, you can even add a heating function that warms the entire body like human skin! It doesn't have to be real anymore if it's mellow and cute, and if you have the warmth of a person, you can buy a beautifully shaped and cute love doll at a price you can reach!
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