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How to choose a love doll?

Very imitation silicone doll model

Sex doll doll. I don't think everyone is familiar with this word. The information is not overwhelming.

Many people will understand that real dolls are upgraded inflatable dolls, tools, and emotional partners.

I don't think so, but in fact dolls can be used like sex. But this applies to all industries around you.

Example: Is it a global brand in the apparel industry or a well-known national brand? The models used are all the same shape and are made of fiberglass reinforced ABS, PU and PC. In fact, a real doll can play multiple roles. Her simulation may be fake or real. Without looking carefully, she thought she was a real person. Her range of motion is close to that of the human body. And she can take many poses.

How to choose a sex dolls? It is important to choose a doll with a body. Some players who don't understand dolls can easily buy inferior real dolls. Below are the basic steps on how to identify a doll.

[1: Material] The material of the doll is TPE, and the high-quality doll is soft. The hardness is soft, the hands are smooth and soft, the skin is clean, the texture is smooth and reliable.

[2: Smell] The genuine product has a slight odor. Some are tasteless and almost tasteless.

162cm 6YE TPE realistic sex doll pure girl

[3: Function] High-quality real dolls can be reused without any problems.

Many friends who want to buy a love doll ask themselves this question.
In fact, love doll silicone and TPE are a kind of material, and many portraits and even highly sophisticated artificial foods use non-toxic and odorless silicone. Silicon simulation products and adult silicone mannequin products refer to different products made of the same silicone material.

Silicon simulation products include genitals, penis, silicone feet, simulated breasts and other silicone simulation products. Of course, the most confusing is obviously the silicone doll!

Silicon Simulation Human body model brands such as reproductive organs and leg models Silicon simulation products are part of the silicon human body model. The former is a part of the body and the latter is a better entity than the worst.

Fictitious entity dolls or other genitals, legs, upper and lower body, etc. All of the above are sex and adult products. The silica gel used in high quality silica gel simulation products is guaranteed to fit real human skin, withstand low and high temperatures and maintain the feel of real human skin.

For silicon analog adult products, whether it is the entire silicon human body model or a specific part of the silicon simulator, the raw materials used in these products must be non-toxic and tasteless. If not, it must be quiet, recyclable, or worse. material.

Original silicone dolls and other silicone artificial adult products should be highly artificial, non-toxic, tasteless and sensitive. Adult products of silicone simulation dolls require real nails. Each finger has artificial joints and human body functions. Open your eyes when choosing your body movements!

Therefore, it is advisable to choose Entity Doll Brand Entity Doll!

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