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I thought after seeing "The love of a man's balloon real love doll who fell in love with a real doll"

"Sometimes it seems like someone will accompany you when you drive a long-distance car alone and a sex doll sits on the co-pilot," his father said. .. Fathers and sons usually dress them up, shoot the music videos in the sun, and treat them like a family. Nowadays, homosexuals and transgenders have become universal in the eyes of the masses, and even the love of humans and animals cannot stimulate human nerves, but this is a balloon rather than a "use" of the balloon RealDoll. Treating sex dolls like a family--

There is a movie that can interpret this feeling. When you see the title of the movie "Love of Real mini sex doll", you can't help but blush as much as you can imagine. But this is not the "island action movie" you are thinking of. However, the winner of the 80th Academy Awards, the Best Screenplay Award for American Emperor Films. John Jun also went to see this movie under this name. It was discovered by chance in the guise of pornography and was full of emotion and humor. Commander Gao of this year's Grand Slam "City of the Philharmonic Orchestra" lived a romantic, devoted and enthusiastic life in the "Love Notebook". He wrote 365 letters with the love of a naked boy, down to Noah with white hair. ..

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Dean, a middle-aged husband who loves him from the bottom of his heart but is a little confused about "Blue Valentine's Day," is a 27-year-old young man named Russ in this "Balloon Real Love Doll Love." He's funky, he doesn't know how to socialize, he doesn't touch other people, and he's obviously in pain. The church grandmother asked him to give him a flower and give it to her favorite woman. But the girl who was praising him just greeted him and was scared he threw me. Since my sister-in-law is always alone, I often visit several reasons why an invitation to dinner can also reject Russ. If he couldn't refuse, he pretended to agree first, but in the end, he said, "t go ... after all, the bride used a hungry trick to throw her into the snowfield and take her to dinner. One day, he suddenly met a sister-in-law who had a girlfriend online and said he wanted to live in the sister-in-law's house. It's no exaggeration to say that after a long time, these heart-breaking ... girls who visited their parents' homes when they met their wife's sister at the crush of a sad marriage, they say Lars. I found the contents. gas! baby! baby! (Naughty?) In front of Russ's girlfriend, his brother-in-law and his brother-in-law made a confused expression, which they couldn't understand, but did not discriminate against or expose Russ to help. Russ is always full of happy smiles. Introducing Brazilian and Danish mixed-race Brazilian girlfriend Bianca.

Occasionally she interacted with Wawa Bianca, talked to her, took her on a date, went to her dance party, and took her to the hospital for a physical examination. Due to the hardships of her brother and brother-in-law, neighbors accept Russ's girlfriend, take her to church, volunteer, and tell her fairy tales in making her like a real person. I read and decided to go to the cycle. A story that tells the real dolls of the kindergarten. The bride is up to a real doll bath and costume to satisfy the life of a real love doll. Everyone had a hard time because of the balloon lidatch wife. Gradually, Russ became more in touch with everyone and was not afraid to communicate with any more girls. Let Russ return to normal interpersonal communication with love in the city. Rus can be a real doll of many ages. As a RealDoll, Russ grew up alone because his mother died during childbirth and his father had been suffering from depression for a long time. It looked like an orphan. His Balloon Real Love Doll girlfriend actually has the truth like the Real Sex Dolls of our Real Doll days and is a kind of emotional survival. Sex from the days of RealDoll Ask someone who isn't talking about sex dolls or toys. Will inflatables be discriminated against just for reasons?

So why don't you understand how to raise cats, dogs, fish, turtles, and love real love dolls? Lars balloon sex sex dolls are in everyone's mind, but exist in other ways. Like the lines in the movie, "God is how we avoid loneliness? The answer is to love each other. What are your thoughts after reading this article?

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