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Knowledge points related to real love dolls

As Aiwa has permeated our lives over the last few years, we still lack a lot of understanding of Aiwa. Today, I am sharing Aiwa's materials and knowledge for maintenance. Useful for.

1. Skin Material Information Aiwa material is refined as a new type of medical food grade polymer material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, has a hardness of less than Shore A0 and a tensile strength of more than 6 times. It is soft, delicate, soft and elastic like the actual human skin, complies with the relevant safety standards set by the country, and is harmless to the human body and the environment.

2. The material of the skeleton has various metal joints inside the body of the real love doll, and it can take various postures within a certain range. The joints of the internal bones during Aiwawa production are fixed. There are screw fixing holes on the sole and calf. There are some traces of deformity after treatment, which is an unavoidable normal phenomenon.

173cm H Cup Mature Sex Doll Life Size Narendra WM Doll

Third, matters that need attention

1. Do not scratch the surface of RealDoll's sex doll with a sharp tool. Do not knead hard to avoid damaging the skin on the surface of RealDoll's RealDutch Wife. It may affect the usage time and appearance.
2. To prevent contamination of RealDoll, avoid clothes that are prone to discoloration or that do not color well.
3. Do not use real love dolls with ink-containing substances such as newspapers and magazines. Do not use with dark clothing or leather fabrics that contain fat-soluble pigments to avoid soiling the skin with RealDoll.
4. Do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long time. It is easy to affect skin aging and usage time.
5. Aiwawa's posture is almost straight when leaving the factory, which does not allow Aiwa to be placed in difficult bending positions for a long time, for a long time to prevent deformation or damage in certain places.
6. If the surface of the love doll has long-lasting dents or stripes, soak it in water with a clean white cloth that does not leave your country, and then use Yorpungi to blow a thousand surfaces. Wait for a certain amount of time for the indent to disappear.
7. If you have exhibited for a long time and the surface of RealDoll has dust or dirt on it, wash it with a general detergent such as powder detergent. For stains that are not easily erased, it is easier to remove them by moistening a dry detergent powder with a small amount of water and rubbing it directly. However, avoid damaging your skin with cheap sex dolls with your nails. After washing with RealDoll, wait for the surface water to dry, then apply touch powder (or a common compress powder) evenly to the surface. After washing, Aiwawa has a smooth surface and a delicate texture. Clean and manage it regularly depending on the situation.
8. If there are small damaged areas on Aiwa's skin, glue them together using glue to first clean the damaged surface, then apply an adhesive layer evenly to the next two cut surfaces, then glue You can apply the two cut surfaces together at the same time, and finally apply a thin coat of adhesive to the surface and wait about 30 minutes for the adhesive to dry.

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