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The sex doll material is medically non-toxic

One of the development trends of human invention is simplicity and dexterity. In the 1980s, for example, the “palm puppet”, which is still popular today, was introduced. It is roughly equivalent to a large hollow banana, which is very convenient to use, easy to carry, and easy to hide, so it has become a product that many demanders buy quickly.

However, such a cheap sex dolls is not much different from masturbation. After all, most people still want a full hug, not just a full palm.

In the late '80s, love dolls that were closer to real people began to appear. In the beginning, this doll's whole body was hard, even sharp! And their postures are rigid and single, which cannot meet the needs of all genders.
To overcome these shortcomings, people developed a prototype simulated doll, a modular doll, in the early 1990s. All parts of the doll body can be disassembled and assembled, and then put in different poses.
In addition, their faces have also become beautiful, which meets people's aesthetic needs to a certain extent. However, the details are not yet satisfactory. For example, the skin is still very hard, not delicate and realistic.


Love doll made of TPE and silicone

In the late 1990s, the bone function, skin feel, and facial features of sex dolls were greatly improved.
Japan has started experimenting with artificial bones to make dolls, hoping that their posture can be more sensitive and changeable, and then give users a more realistic feeling. However, it is really difficult to achieve this goal. After all, the structure of human bones and joints is messy, and the movements are delicate and not easy to imitate.
In addition, people began to use advanced medical non-toxic soft silicone or PVC materials to make real dolls. These materials are more sensitive to the touch. People even put a battery on the doll to keep it at a constant "body temperature" of 37°C for a period of time to immerse people in the feeling of a real hug! Here you can buy our body temperature sex dolls.

In appearance, the appearance of sex dolls has also made a qualitative leap. Her hair is absolutely real and most of her faces are made by AV actresses.

"Further improvement of simulation" should be the mainstream trend of future sex doll development. Now sex dolls can simulate real people's asthma, body temperature, and even the release of body fluids! The sex dolls of the future could be able to identify users, flirt with users, play sex games, and respond differently to users' different postures and postures...

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