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The love doll's body is designed with three layers: the skin layer, the muscular layer, and the bones.

Japanese love dolls are real and sensual, reflecting the kindness of Japanese women. A greedy Japanese woman sleeping with you every day is the ultimate joy.

Inflatable sex dolls and love dolls belong to a sort of luxury sex doll companion, more human and interesting than a simple sex masturbation device, meeting the needs of humanity in the city. Compared to inflatable anime sex doll, love doll mail order with a plump texture can be operated by yourself, treated like your own lover, or have lover-like characteristics. Sexy, gorgeous and beautiful is the body that still dresses you up. Aihua also provides her visitors with an alternative by decorating her to her liking and taking the time to turn her into a stylish work of art in the living room or bedroom. A stylish and unconventional style slang, a refreshing and new impact.

174cm G Cup Blonde Girl TPE Sex Doll Momona WM Doll

★ Skin muscle material-Silicone resin
★ Makes the vagina and anus soft, smooth and supple.
★ Your skin will become abnormally smooth and will be able to withstand any posture.
★ Bringing your chest closer to the entity will make you feel better.
★ Bone-Aluminum Profile
★ Make your hands more flexible, flexible, and closer to reality.
★ Easily stretch your legs and legs and try different real poses
★ Body joints are more flexible and free
★ Elasticity-The skin can withstand three times the stretch.
★ Heat resistance-Can withstand temperatures below 300 degrees.
★ Waterproof-All styles are solid and insoluble in water.
★ Antifouling ・ Nothing adheres to the sex doll body and it is easy to clean.
★ Durability-Can be used repeatedly for a long time and is hard to break
★ Realistic-Strictly molded according to the exact ratio
★ Touch-Very soft and smooth like a real human body.
★ Flexibility — The interface has a variety of activities.
★ Safety-Absolutely safe for human body, non-toxic, no offensive odor
★ Convenience — Available at any time of the day, it always provides maximum joy to your body and mind.

The skin is about 1 cm thick, about 165 cm high, and weighs about 35 kg. The two-layer design of the pussy, the inner wall of the vagina is a tent type, and the bottom of the vagina is a suction clip function device that stimulates the penis, and the suction feeling and friction are even better. Real quality.

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