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The love doll industry is developing rapidly

Mr. Otori, who has been in business for over 20 years and has opened more than 30 chain stores, is said to be active in the cheap sex dolls industry, but he himself, including his employees, is confident. .. jobs. And sometimes he was afraid that someone would ask him something. This is true for sellers, but it's even more unpleasant for buyers. In addition to physical sales models, shipments are gradually increasing through sales models such as QQ accounts, WeChat, mobile APPs, and mobile phone distribution.

Changes in people's way of thinking

The night of November 20th is Friday. Of course, the love doll store in the eastern suburbs of Xi'An has more customers than during the day, and most of the customers who enter the store are men in their 40s. The customer immediately went to buy a Dutch wife. After a thorough examination, he asked the store to equip the store with music and headphones. Owners prefer to think and observe people in this age group, so give the opinions of others when making a purchase.
The computer owner kept knocking on the door and the clerk helped with the adjustment. The owner said there were more online orders than over-the-counter orders. In particular, some audio and animated photos can encourage young people to shop online.
Why is this industry constantly used for the press? Feng Shui publicly says that people are suppressing sex because they think it's bad and don't want to talk about it.

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Sex is not lifelong, but it affects quality of life.

According to the data published in the white paper "China's National Situation and Employment Policy," about 98 million farmers are working in cities across the country, and 7.27 million university graduates are waiting for work. Xi'An is a large western city with many migrant workers. Feng said that the people in this group are mainly male, 35-60 years old, and have normal physiological needs. Pay attention to how to meet your physiological needs.

Experts say

Feng Shui says to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases at construction sites by migrant workers having sexual intercourse and inadequate sexual intercourse as the city develops rapidly and infrastructure construction increases. Said it was very difficult. It was easy and had a big impact on my family and society. damage. This part of the group is in urgent need of social attention.
Psychologist Li Juan said that sex is a human instinct to breed offspring. No one can escape. Sex is also an important part of life. Sex affects people's emotions, emotions, and sometimes their instincts. This is not the whole life, but it does affect the quality of life. You need to look at it correctly and directly. Older singles are sexually active even in old age. Relieving blind depression can lead to allergies and other social problems. Migrant workers are healthy and unable to achieve their normal sexual desires. Therefore, individual groups should not discriminate against rational liberation by using inflatable virgins to release sexual desire without harming others.

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