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Why match the size and weight of a love doll?


Please fine-tune RealDoll according to your height and weight. The first is the difference from the skull, the texture and material composition of the major manufacturers in the market. Introducing functions such as heating, standing, watering, and sound. How to set aside realistic sex doll for a long time, the above is a basic chapter. Start from 1.

160 cm big breast sweet love doll silicone head six wild doll

Take the normal height of 175 cm as an example

So everyone is thinking about logic issues. If you find a girlfriend who is 175 cm tall, remember that her height is in the approximate range. The girl is too tall for her. When you are in love, you can see the look on her shoulders, but not from a sexual point of view. For love dolls, you definitely don't want to see the space between the love doll's neck and head.

So when you have sex, your interests are also an important factor. At the same time, choosing a larger RealDoll makes subsequent maintenance very difficult. RealDoll is not bound by the rules and has no center of gravity in the middle. After taking a shower and getting dressed, you can't work together like a person. So, in short, don't listen to your opinion and blindly choose a real doll that doesn't suit you.

So, after talking about the height issue above, let's see the real difference between a big real doll and a small love doll.
Any real doll is beautiful, but it must be real, but be careful. There is a big difference between a big real doll and a small real doll. The specific difference is the difference between the hole and the hole under the love doll. The hole in the bottom of a love doll is actually a logical problem for everyone. Giving the same depth as a large RealDoll is problematic because the RealDoll is neither too small nor too thick. It definitely happens when you use it. When tearing, fit the G-point particles to the length of your index finger and avoid tearing. For more information, see Lighter Length with Head Removed. This plane is a particle at point G, but before touching it, there is a thick hole not only in this plane but also in the hole of the index finger. When do you actually use it? Remember that this material is very soft. When you actually hit it, the plane stretches and closes the hole. Many boyfriends will say if I can't get in. It doesn't cost you to change your posture anyway. I'm not very comfortable, I always feel something is missing.

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