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Advanced simulation love real love doll research and development

Iwawa Product Introduction: Iwawa is one of the best Iwawa brands in the world. International Sex Toy D-Level Design and Manufacturing Company. The raw materials are formed by the upstream and middle course designs. Industrial chain development and downstream distribution, products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, mainland and other markets.

Aiwawa Company specializes in the research and development and production of advanced simulation love real love dolls, doing its best to create the most perfect body of oriental women and love dolls that transcend real human skin. Relying on its own technology and advanced production technology, we constantly pursued innovation to develop high quality simulation love dolls that DU industry has oil-free, deformation-free and peculiar smell-free.

The hyperreality fantasy love doll produced in-house is a human body model that is very similar to a real person, and it can be changed according to individual taste like a real life model, and it is the final form of a real love doll and a model. .. It can be used for various purposes such as model photography, clothing exhibitions, and interior decoration.

Product Features: Aiwawa Aiwa is assembled into galvanized metal bones and various mechanical parts. The structure fills the range of human movement and the limbs are easy to move and can be fixed for shooting. This material uses imported medical food grade polymer new material, the appearance is realistic, soft, supple, and the feel and texture of the hands are in the real person.

1. High simulation, love doll closest to the touch of a real person.
2. Imported resin environmental protection material, safe and harmless.
3. Oriental face type, perfect physical characteristics of Oriental.
4. Free movement of limbs and joints, place desired shape as needed.
5. The American metal frame prevents deformation for a long time.

173cm H Cup Blonde Big Breast Real Doll Thick Angela WM Doll

It gives a very vivid impression using high-grade medical non-toxic soft adhesives and high-strength and rough materials. Keeps your baby's skin soft and smooth. It is very easy to clean because it has strong antifouling properties and does not stick to the doll body. The softness of the silicone creates a real love doll that makes the chest, quality and anus soft, smooth and elastic, making it closer to the real human body.

Love doll management guidelines
1. Aiwawa's surreal dream skin is a new type of medical food grade polymer material, non-toxic, and tasteless. This is a normal phenomenon as there will be some oil leaks on the surface if the silicone product is left on for a long time. The silicone formula contains silicone oil, so wipe it gently with a towel. The surface will get dirty and dirty when placed using the RealDutch Wife, so it is recommended to manage it every time to maintain good performance of RealDoll and skin and the cleanliness of life size sex doll and the surface. increase. Usage conditions and storage environment. Is generally better once a month.
2. Management method: First, lightly wipe the surface of the love doll with a sponge or towel moistened with warm water, and if the surface of the love doll is dirty, wipe it with soapy water (soap, laundry detergent, shampoo). , Shower gel), do not rub with force. Do not use corrosive detergents such as strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, river disinfectants, and detergents. Baby dolls should be bathed once every 20 days, and it is recommended to apply baby powder after bathing and drying. After the surface has dried, apply talc powder or talcum powder to Aiwawa. Helps protect the skin with RealDoll.

Precautions for use
If you disinfect with a sex toy disinfectant spray or use disinfectant wet wipes or disinfectant with 75% medical alcohol cotton: it is recommended to lubricate with humans or wear a lubricated condom .. After use: Rinse the residue. After disinfecting the inside of the product with lukewarm water, let it air dry or wipe the inside and surface of the product with a dry cloth before storing.
1. Avoid direct sunlight and humid environment, wipe the real love doll with water or take a bath, and do not soak it in water for a long time.
2.Aiwa can be warmed with an electric blanket, but the temperature should not be too high.
3. You can use RealDoll and Telcom powder when dressing to prevent it from burning. Don't beetle your feet very much. Be careful not to scratch or stain it. 4. RealDoll's body joints can bend, but the bending angle must not exceed the angle of the human body, and be careful of the soft force when bending. 5. When moving a real love doll, be sure to hug your torso and do not pull on your limbs and head.
6. Aiwawa wigs can be changed.

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