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Currently mainstream sex sex doll skin materials include TPE, silicone

In the development of the country's economy and the concept of people, love dolls are more mature in Japan, North America and Europe, slowly taking root in China and buds are especially popular with young people. Imported love dolls are often expensive, often 670,000 yuan, the price has dropped after the current domestic production, and the price-performance ratio has improved significantly. Many photographers not only to meet the needs of baby friends, but also to meet their needs. I used to know that balloon love dolls have a nasty look, materials, and craftsmanship. I hate it when I see it. It often appears in TV dramas. Some residential stupid boys have balloon sex sex dolls. Love doll mail order is different from affordable balloon love dolls. The key to a sex doll of love is the same as a real person, with a beautiful face and an elegant body. Currently in their 80s and above, welcomed silicon love dolls since the 90s. At the current level of skill, you can basically be a fake. Unlike Mole's clothing model, Dutch Wife can be shown in a variety of actions, can be done along with the movement of a person, and becomes cute and bruised. Love dolls also have a set of metal bones, generally made of alloys, durable, and love dolls, as if our real people depended on bones to support the whole body. We support you so that you can make various movements. The metal bone is wrapped in sponge muscle and is on the outside. Silicone skin like a baby.

The following is another introduction.

TPE Love Doll: Thermoplastic Elastomer is a material with the elasticity, high strength, high elasticity and injection molding properties of rubber. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, various hardness, excellent coloring, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance, temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, no vulcanization required, for cost reduction It can be reused. Two-shot injection molding is possible. TPE has excellent elasticity, which is an advantage and a disadvantage. Unable to simulate full muscle sensation.

Silicone Love Doll: Also called "Platinum Catalyst Silicone Rubber", also called Medical Grade Silicone, it is non-toxic, odorless, heat resistant and aging resistant, but expensive. It is commonly used for women's breast pads and insoles for luxury shoes. An important material part to love love dolls for medical supplies? Currently, we are using this material from domestic EX, turtles, overseas Japanese OT, Yotsuki and several love doll makers in the United States. Nameware is actually a kind of TPE material called "thermoelastic body" which is a material like plastic instead of silicon, and is a high quality TPE / TPR? Very good performance, soft and unbreakable.

172cm D Cup Busty Life Size Sex Doll WM Doll

Mengzhilu Aiwa has no dividing line, so if important, I won't say it three times, but I still want to provide everyone with the popular science of Aiwa dividing line.

Whether it's a domestic silicone love doll or a foreign silicone sex doll, there is a "line" that flows around the love doll on the surface of the sex doll. This line is the "parting line". It is an indispensable product when writing with a model. The parting line does not appear only on the body of the love doll. Similar parting lines can be found in various other household appliances, plastics and metal products. For example, if the product is stiff, the toy parting line can be removed by sanding, and the PVC parting line can also be polished to provide complementary colors. However, the silicone material is very soft and dull. Therefore parting lines can only be removed by trimming. After that, there is a clear mark. Parting line thickness is an important part of product quality. In the case of Japanese and American T-class life size sex doll, the width of the parting line is generally 2 mm or less.

Our products can fully meet this standard and continue to seek ways to essentially eliminate parting lines in subsequent production processes. In addition to the parting line, there are generally "positioning holes" in the body of the love doll. Positioned holes are commonly found on the sides of the Dutch wife's body, soles, wrists and other parts. The size is generally 1 cm in diameter. The function of the positioning hole is to maintain the internal metal skeleton in the center of the mold, and traces of external positioning are inevitable when producing love sex sex dolls. At this time, some baby friends will wonder why so many Japanese and American love doll photos do not show the dividing line. It's very easy because it uses PS technology to perform the correction work with rice. So rest assured that your baby's friends aren't a quality issue.

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