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Development of artificial intelligence love doll

AI, an artificial intelligence love doll, is the hottest thing today. It can process large amounts of data and simulate human thinking. It's like a machine that imitates humans, and you can use data to understand human behavior patterns even if you can't actually feel or feel human emotions.

Recently, at the Saudi Arabia Future Investment Planning Conference, Dutch Wife A became the first Dutch wife to acquire citizenship in Saudi Arabia. We answered various difficult questions such as "Does the Dutch wife need self-awareness like a human being?" From the organizer, and showed it as a smooth and interesting Dutch wife.

Dutch Wife A actually appeared at a conference held in Geneva before the United Nations. As a highlight of the press conference, a CCTV reporter also interviewed the owner of the anime sex dolls. The reporter asked him, "Do you like this sexual lifestyle?"

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Can h2 Dutch Wife control the future of humanity?

After the video of the meeting was released, the comments were full of thoughts and fears. I'm afraid to be a Dutch wife. In fact, over the years, many film and television productions have begun to revolve around this theme. Last year's popular science fiction drama "Western World" developed such a concept. It is confusing when a sex doll has a consciousness that is independent of the human mind.

In the previous British drama "Real Humans," scientists created Dutch Wife. After further updates, she called on people to run the company because the boundaries of the people became blurry and Dutch Wife had a unique personality.

Don't talk about the true potential of this concept. It may lack more detail than Dutch Wife A, but it's clear that it's improving and wanting more breakthroughs. So she went to invest in Saudi Arabia. It's too early to talk about sex doll "terrorism" due to human progress and technological maturity, but who can predict the future?
Both Dutch wife and humans are making progress.

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