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How to use a love doll?

The use of Aiwawa is divided into three stages, in use and after use, before it is used significantly. See below for more information. Aiwawa disinfection is required before using Aiwawa. It can be disinfected with a disinfectant spray, disinfected with a disinfectant paper towel or disinfected with medical alcohol. When using Aiwawa Lubricant should be used to maintain adequate lubrication in Aiwawa's vagina. If no lubricant is used, the inside of Aiwawa will not be sufficiently lubricated and the quality of Aiwa may explode.

It is okay if the condom is sufficiently lubricated. After using with a real love doll, you need to clean the vagina of the sex sex doll with clean water and disinfect it with the love doll. See the first step for disinfection methods. Sex After decoding the sex doll, wash it with lukewarm water, then dry the inside and surface of the RealDoll with a towel or let it air dry and store it for the next use.

Sex sex dolls unlock all kinds of sex sex doll behaviors for you. Aiwawa is a kind of Aiwawa, which is a hyperrealistic Aiwawa. The main ingredient of Aiwawa is the name because it is an entity. This has a built-in skeleton and cannot be a Dutch wife. After all "posture" with this is very important. Not only does it have a skeleton, it also needs to be "optimal." Specifically below. ?? Sex I think that the attitude of loving sex dolls is very important for users. First of all, one of the most important features of RealDoll is "simulation". It's a high simulation. It's a simulation, so you need to run it. It's exactly like a real person, except that it walks and acts automatically like a robot. .. The most important of these is posture!

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Second, do you know everything about what your role with a love doll is? Of course, "I don't know." So if you can't do the poses you don't want to be with her, how boring? This is the role of posture. In addition, if you can't move, posture or posture at all, you can feel hesitant about the collected photos so frankly that posture is very important to love sex sex dolls. I also say that Aiwawa not only has enough posture to satisfy the user, but that posture also needs to ensure long-term use of the skeleton, articulated position and flexibility of movement. think. Metallic materials must be used to meet these requirements. .. However, users need to understand that the super simulation sex doll is still important as it has a certain height and metal skeleton. Although mobile, the weight of the mini sex doll is here, so with a little effort when posing, the metal bones of the sex doll should already be said to be of good quality and light weight!

After all, "posture" is really important for love dolls that serve people, the posture is flexible, unrivaled, easy to pose, weight, design rationality according to the bone material, back, at the time of selection be careful!

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