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What is the material with the real love doll?

Aiwa is divided into multiple grades. Low cost Aiwa has a texture of material that is not close to the actual human body. The structure can simulate the activity of a simple joint, and the joint is easily deformed. The price of this kind of sex doll is generally thousands of yuan. The world's best simulated anime sex doll are mainly produced in the Japanese ot industry and the actual love dolls in the United States. The material of the simulated love doll produced by these two manufacturers is perfect, with very high softness and joint deformation that can reach the degree of deformation very close to meat, and the face is very close to the real person. And some can be false. ?? Two types of sex dolls are expensive. Japanese love dolls are worth tens of thousands of yuan.

The material is silica gel, which is a solid colloidal substance, and the basic component is silica (mSiO2nH2O). The physical structure of silica gel is rich in fine pores, high specific surface area, and silanol structure on the surface, so it has a strong adsorptive effect on water vapor or other polar substances (silica gel is widely used for female transparent brassieres. Ru). , Fake milk and other products), and optional adsorption and separation functions have a wide range of applications in the areas of adsorption, drying, substance separation, purification, and high purity preparation. Due to its chemical composition and physical structure, silica gel has the following application advantages:

168cm E Cup Japanese College Student Silicone Sex Doll Nastasia WM Doll

1. Stable chemical properties, insoluble in solutions of Foshan (HF) and solvents other than strong alkalis, ensure that Real Dutch Wife does not deteriorate for a long time without fear of chemical reaction with air substance products. After many years of use!
2. Good thermal stability. Type A work silica gel can be used at temperatures within 300 ° C, and other types of silica gel can be used at high temperatures of 500 to 600 ° C for long periods of time. Silica gel has a solid skeleton and a structure with good wear resistance and compressive strength, so there is basically no worry of being crushed when using a real love doll!
3. Silica gel is non-toxic, non-corrosive, has US FDA approval and can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In the silica gel manufacturing process, the process conditions can be controlled and applied to various application fields to obtain various types of pore structures. All silicone-based products and products have some degree of adhesion. If you don't do any special treatment, it will be sticky when you touch it. You can feel the odor. It's a non-toxic and harmless product, so you can rest assured!

Since the birth of GD love stones: Netizens have the most questions about the difference between love dolls and real people My answer is that people and babies are incomparable. And the user is satisfied with the product. 90% of current corporate users who have wives and don't necessarily need love dolls are all older users. First of all, I hate going out and don't want to get sick easily. Second, girls who spend some money may have to spend tens of thousands of yen a night to get good service Money stories and facts Most reasons to choose a love doll are healthy The user who chooses Joe's real love doll for the body is a good guy. He may have been working outside for a long time, and perhaps his family has lost some function. Perhaps the girl has been fooled by the girl in the past, and his wife may be pregnant. Probably everyone needs to do it. Share your destiny with a once-in-a-lifetime love doll.

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